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Circle Cintiq Visitor Management System & ID Scanner – 13.3″ screen with touch/pen technology

Fast Sign In

Using the Circle Cintiq, your visitor’s ID will be scanned and a docket receipt printed within 3 seconds.  Depending on your choice of ID scanner, most forms of ID’s will be accepted, including most Australian ID’s, USA, UK and EU licenses, and passports.  Apart from the docket, the electronic sign-in system is paperless, and it includes a full software reporting suite for tracking your visitor numbers.  Supported by an easy to use and full configurable software application, you’ll be getting people through the door in record time!

User Friendly

The Circle Cintiq has an easy-to-read Wacom screen with an impressive 13.3” display. The interface is user-friendly and operated using touch or via a stylus pen.

Optional Secondary Screen

You can choose to add a secondary screen to your visitor management system, duplicating the application and allowing staff to assist guests where needed by providing full visibility and control.

Flexible ID Scanning

Choose which ID scanner best suits your electronic sign-in system requirements and typical visitor profile. There are three options available from Circle Solutions:

  • Passport & ID card/drivers licence scanner
  • ID card/drivers licence scanner
  • Duplex scanner for two sided card scanning

Thermal Printer

The Star Thermal Printer supplied with every visitor management system package is reliable and uses standard thermal paper rolls for easy maintenance. Add sales offers and marketing messages to the dockets to maximise revenue opportunities.