Visitor Management Systems Australia

Circle is an industry leader in the Registered Club segment, offering venues, returned service leagues (RSL’s), and clubs across Australia visitor management hardware and software solutions to facilitate their visitor registrations and clubs’ entry into the digital world.

Capturing your visitor data electronically allows you to understand the who’s and where’s of visitors and allows you to connect this information with existing operational systems, while also allowing you to meet the compliance requirements of various regulatory bodies.

We are recognised across the industry as specialised visitor management system providers, specialising in driver licence and ID scanning capability, QR code check-ins, and touch-screen sign-ins, allowing quick and secure entries to your venues.

On a broader note, we can facilitate integration with marketing platforms to power your membership conversion, retain customers, and increase visitation.

Partner with us today to see how we can power your business.

Features we provide

Visitor management

Get your visitors in the door quickly. Scan your Visitor’s ID or photo card in 4-5 seconds, capture contact information, print them a sign-in slip and send them on in. Our Venue Visitor Management functionality caters to temporary members, affiliate memberships, and member guests. Visitors can also use their digital licence to sign in. Sign out by docket ID or barcode; we’ve got it covered.

Member Sign In

COVID has seen a need for venues to record electronic member venue entries. CircleScan allows venues to swipe membership cards or scan digital memberships from club app entries and exits at venues. You can also print a docket for the member to keep!

Capture Patron Contact Details

Retain visitor phone numbers and confirm address details with ease. Supported by in-depth reporting, your venue will always have the necessary information on hand in the event of a COVID case at your premises.

Auto Address API

For manual entries, get access to an auto-address completion feature via CircleScan. This allows your venue to remain compliant with radius checks and prevents people from entering from lockdown areas.

Contractor Management

Check contractor invoices quickly and simply against your electronic sign-in and sign-out reports. Photo ID scanning means you will know who is on your premises at every moment of every day. Run on-the-spot evacuation reports from terminals at will.

Manage Self Excluded and Banned Patrons

CircleScan allows patrons to be flagged as self-excluded or banned, preventing them from gaining entry to your venue and interacting with staff. Email alerts can be triggered (featuring a photo), which can be sent to security to manage the situation.

Ban Central Server

Share your ban lists quickly and easily across all venues in your group (soon to be expanded to self-excluded members.) Once a patron is banned from one venue, they can be banned from all venues.

Further to this, Circle has worked with third-party suppliers to facilitate banning unruly patrons across competing venues and regions. Contact us today to find out more.

Scan 2 Join

Streamline your membership-joining process. Scan ID’s and send the information straight to your membership system. Remove paper forms and save time. You can also print QR codes at the base of the docket to encourage members to download the club’s app.

Cloakroom Tickets

Print cloakroom tickets for members and guests to safely secure their items. Tickets can be automatically date and time stamped with venue terms and conditions printed on the docket.

Functions & Events

Create functions and events, and allow guests and members to scan on entry. Load in the events in advance and track attendance seamlessly.

Footy Tipping Comps

Run a tipping competition for NRL and/or AFL within your venue or across all of your venues.  Drive foot traffic into your venue with this great promotional tool that brings your community together.  Features include swipe to join comp, configurable bonus points/max points for no tips, and leaderboards.

Digital Membership & Offers

Circle Venues in partnership with Litecard can now embark on a journey to digitise its membership passes, revolutionising the way patrons engage with the club and its offerings including push notifications and email campaigns.  No more lost and forgotten physical cards, no more expensive card printers and maintenance.  Contact for an information pack.

Circle is proud to be an approved Service NSW integration partner

This allows for an accurate, real-time, true-to-source and secure sign-in experience using the ServiceNSW Digital Drivers Licence.

Check out this video to see how simple it really is!

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What our clients say about us

Cronulla RSL went through a significant renovation several years ago, which has increased their foot traffic quite substantially. The club needed to get people through the door quickly and efficiently, especially during its peak times. Circle has provided that solution for the club, along with a well-supported system that enables you to fully utilise its functionality for many areas of your business. I have now worked with Circle at several clubs and cannot recommend the system enough.

After looking at various options and suppliers, we settled on Circle based not just on the product but also on the feedback from other Club Managers.

Since the date of installation, we have had a great relationship that has been integral to our ‘COVID Safe Plan’. It is easy to use with stable software and eye-catching hardware, and the back office functionality and reporting are excellent.

The product supplied by the team at Circle is first-class. I deal with a lot of contractors and suppliers, and I have found that the customer service provided is fantastic; nothing is an issue.

We are a volunteer-led club with a strong membership and connection to the local community. Whilst installing the system we were also looking to retire our membership database and see what digital membership options were available.

The Circle team listened to our requirements and previous experiences and guided us to what is now a great solution for our volunteers, members and visitors.

We are utilising the Circle Members Database which is perfect for our venue and has all the fields we need to manage our membership data. Members are now scanning into the venue via their mobile wallet app with their Digital Member Card QR code.

The process is simple!  Plus, no more physical cards, expensive card printers and lost cards..

The next phase is linking ‘Scan2Join’ to the membership database and Litecard and this will automate our new member and renewal process.

We highly recommend Circle product and team to any venue looking for a digital membership solution and are happy and available to chat about our experiences.