Does your system accept Digital Driver Licenses?

Yes, our system currently accepts the Service NSW digital driver licences. As other states are released, we will ensure our system can accept these.

Do you do custom development?

Yes, if you have a requirement, or would like to request a change to our product, please contact us.

My venue is based interstate – how does the installation process work?

We will always endeavour to have our team come to a venue to perform training and installation of the system. However, we do understand at present that this may be difficult, so can arrange a remote installation and perform remote training where required. We will discuss this with you when planning your installation.

What training is provided with each solution?

We provide training (either in person, or remotely) to as many people as required.

Do I need a server? How is the data stored?

We can prepare your installation on a local server, or we offer a managed cloud solution for data storage as required. We will discuss the best option for your venue when preparing the installation.

What are the specifications and dimensions of the system?

Please refer to our Solutions page for more information on the hardware products we supply.