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Since inception, we have worked with many organisations and venues, large and small. We look forward to using the experience gained on these projects to ensure your installation is an ongoing success. We pride ourselves on fostering and developing the relationships with our customers, providing excellent post-install support and ongoing upgrades and improvements to our software.

Circle has partnered with Aures, to provide a heavy duty, fanless, flexible and high-performance hardware option, fitted with an i5 processor and equipped with a shock- and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen.

Flexible, CircleScan Yuno is offered with VESA fixings options (for wall or pole mounted solutions), with a wide 15.6’’ monitor.

With your choice of card reader and a thermal printer, with an integrated mag swipe reader, our Circle Yuno is the most popular, best selling of our products.

The Circle Portable option offers the same fast sign-in and reporting benefits with the ultimate in flexibility and portability.

You can house the Circle Yuno sign-in system onto a box for a fully portable visitor management system that can be used at any entrance.  We can connect to Wifi if able to ensure flexibility.

Total System Footprint – 800mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)
2 x 171.5 x 295.3 mm (15.6’’ Wide format)

11–12 kg (15.6’’ Wide format)

Compatible OS
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows 8 Industry, Windows 7 Pro, POS Ready 7, Linux, Androïd

Broadwell i5-5350U, i3-5010U or Bay Trail J1900

DDR3 SODIMM 4 GB as standard (up to 8 GB)

15’’ TFT (1024 x 768) or 15.6‘” (1366 x 768) (Yuno wide), LED back-lighting

Flat, zero bezel multi-touch screen – with projected, capacitive panel (PCAP)

250 cd/m2

4 serial ports (+ optional 5/12 V power supply for COM3 / COM4)

4 USB 2.0 + 2 USB 3.0 (for the i5 and i3 versions)

Power Supply
+ external 19 V DC

Second Screen
Port with support for HDMI, DVI and VGA (mini Display Port)

Each Circle Yuno comes with a standard 4-year warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty period for any hardware will commence from the date of installation.

Multi-Technology Reader
reads mag swipes/RFID, Bluetooth, NFC

Barcode Reader
1D and 2D

Microsoft Lifecam HD Camera Autofocus from 0.1m to ≥ 10m Auto focus
Wide-angle lens 75° diagonal field of view , High-precision glass element lens

Secondary Screen
Mimo Monitor 10.1-inch HD USB Capacitive Touch Screen

Internal, 802.11 b/g/n

VESA fixings option(s)
For wall or pole-mounted applications (no base nor stand)

Kiosk versions
15, 22 and 27’’ versions

Circle has partnered with Neo, to provide the best Kiosk solution available. Neo are Australia’s largest industrial design company specialising in self-service terminal technologies.

When you purchase the Circle Neo Kiosk, you will receive a full self-service kiosk with a ID-1501 Kiosk ID Card Reader,  magtek swipe reader, and Kiosk Printer all in a streamlined, easy to use 22” Touch Screen Display.

5 inch with multi touch surface capacitive touch screen in Portrait format

(H)1586mm x (W)650mm x (D)637mm

Intel PC with Windows 10 Pro

Customisable Branded Kiosk Wrap

Microsoft Lifecam HD Camera
Autofocus from 0.1m to ≥ 10m Auto focus
Wide-angle lens 75° diagonal field of view , High-precision glass element lens

EFTPOS Bracket
Mounting bracket for supplied EFTPOS terminal

Barcode Scanner
QR and Barcode off Phones and Receipts

Circle has partnered with Aures, to provide a solution ideal for those moments when there is a queue forming at reception.  Digital Driver Licence and manual entry for temporary members, member swipe or member QR code read can all be done from this light handheld unit.  

Robust in design, this high performance is easy handle, and is fit for purpose to get your patrons in door quickly.

A Bluetooth printer can be added if required.  Docking station comes separately. 

7’’ LCD screen with PCAP touch – 800 x 1280 resolution.

Multifunction applications (supports 2D barcode readers, MSR,
Smart Card readers WIFI, Bluetooth and NFC).

Resists drops from 1.20m (4 feet)
IP 54 standardised front panel
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise compatible.

Handstrap for both portrait and landscape use.


Card Reader Options

  • R2v2 Card Reader
    This card reader is a full color, high resolution scanner for cutting edge image and data capture. The new and improved SnapShell® R2 has been redesigned for better performance

  • Passport and Card Reader
    This card and passport reader is a full colour, high-quality, reliable solution for scanning documents thanks to innovative OCR technology and excellent scanning characteristics.

  • ID-1501 Kiosk Card Reader
    This card reader is a full-color, 600 dpi, duplex scanner that scans the front and back of a card in one simple operation. The ID-1501 is our core kiosk solution and quickly and accurately enables ID verification to be integrated into self-service kiosk applications.

  • ID-150 Scanner
    This duplex scanner is a full-color, 600 dpi, duplex scanner that scans the front and back of a card in one simple operation, minimising scanning errors.  Auto scan is available for this scanner upon ID placement.

  • CR5400 Scanner
    Often referred to as the “Toaster” scanner, this scanner allows visitors to simply drop in their ID, after scanning, the scanner will slowly eject the ID for the visitor to retrieve. It scans the front and back of a card in one simple operation, minimising scanning errors.

  • ID-120 Scanner
    The ID-120 scanner comes as the standard scanner with the CircleScan systems. Capturing high quality images, this scanner is vertically fed for 2 second double sided capture and can read all forms of Australia and international ID’s, proof of age cards and pension cards.

Card Printing Kiosk Solution

Circle has partnered with Neo, to provide the best Kiosk solution available. Neo are Australia’s largest industrial design company specialising in self-service terminal technologies.


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We are in the business of always evolving and developing solutions for our customers and partners.  Got a problem? Got an idea?

We are continually developing innovative solutions and working with partners to capture information efficiently; this results in our customers benefiting from effective business systems with higher productivity and lower costs.

Features we provide

Visitor management

Get your visitors in the door quickly. Scan your Visitor’s ID or photo card in 4-5 seconds, capture contact information, print them a sign-in slip and send them on in. Our Venue Visitor Management functionality caters to temporary members, affiliate memberships, and member guests. Visitors can also use their digital licence to sign in. Sign out by docket ID or barcode; we’ve got it covered.

Member Sign In

There is an ever-growing a need for venues to record electronic member venue entries. CircleScan allows venues to swipe membership cards or scan digital memberships from club app entries and exits at venues. You can also print a docket for the member to keep!

Capture Patron Contact Details

Retain visitor phone numbers and confirm address details with ease. Supported by in-depth reporting, your venue will always have the necessary information on hand in the event of a COVID case at your premises.

Auto Address API

For manual entries, get access to an auto-address completion feature via CircleScan. This allows your venue to remain compliant with radius checks and prevents people from entering from lockdown areas.

Contractor Management

Check contractor invoices quickly and simply against your electronic sign-in and sign-out reports. Photo ID scanning means you will know who is on your premises at every moment of every day. Run on-the-spot evacuation reports from terminals at will.

Manage Self Excluded And Banned Patrons

CircleScan allows patrons to be flagged as self-excluded or banned, preventing them from gaining entry to your venue and interacting with staff. Email alerts can be triggered (featuring a photo), which can be sent to security to manage the situation.

Ban Central Server

Share your ban lists quickly and easily across all venues in your group (soon to be expanded to self-excluded members.) Once a patron is banned from one venue, they can be banned from all venues.

Further to this, Circle has worked with third-party suppliers to facilitate banning unruly patrons across competing venues and regions. Contact us today to find out more.

Functions & Events

Create functions and events, and allow guests and members to scan on entry. Load in the events in advance and track attendance seamlessly.

Cloakroom Tickets

Print cloakroom tickets for members and guests to safely secure their items. Tickets can be automatically date and time stamped with venue terms and conditions printed on the docket.

Scan 2 Join

Streamline your membership-joining process. Scan ID’s and send the information straight to your membership system. Remove paper forms and save time. You can also print QR codes at the base of the docket to encourage members to download the club’s app.

Tipping Comps

Run a tipping competition for NRL and/or AFL within your venue or across all of your venues.  Drive foot traffic into your venue with this great promotional tool that brings your community together.  Features include swipe to join comp, configurable bonus points/max points for no tips, and leaderboards.

New! Circle Dashboard

The Circle Reporting legacy solution has been upgraded to a modern web-based Circle Dashboard.

A simple, colorful, and user-friendly dashboard view will enable faster and more useful insights into your venue.

View breakdowns by day/week/month/year, by age demographic, hour, type of visitor, new members, functions, and events.

To drill in and extract more detailed reports, simply select Member Entry, Guest Entry, Contractors, Footy Tipping, Custom Button, Bus Tickets, Evacuation Report, Banned, Self-Excluded, and Scan 2 Join.

Entry Notifications and Alerts

Circle has partnered with our friends at AAC Solutions.

Integration with the CircleScan solution enables the PulseLive Messaging Platform to send alerts via phone or pager to the appropriate staff members when a contractor, VIP, banned, or self-excluded patron enters the venue.

These real-time actionable insights can improve the patron experience as well as reduce risk.

Talk to us today about how we can deploy smart messaging in your venue and start reaping the rewards.

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