Digital Membership - Customer Brief

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See attached pack to see what options are available for your venue.  Lots of visual aids to help understand what your future landscape could look like!

Flow diagrams, digital wallet and pass sample images, Circle Membership available fields, as well as pricing and the path to a seamless onboarding process are all included.

Testimonial - The Process Is Simple!

We are a volunteer-led bowling and recreation club with a strong membership and connection to the local community.  Whilst installing the visitor sign in system we were also looking to retire our membership database and see what digital membership options were available.

The Circle team listened to our requirements and previous experiences and guided us to what is now a great solution for our volunteers, members and visitors/guests.

We are utilising the Circle Members Database which is perfect for our venue and has all the fields we need to manage our membership data.  Members are now scanning into the venue via their mobile wallet app with their Digital Member Card QR code.  

The process is simple!

Plus, no more physical cards, expensive card printers and lost cards..

The next phase is linking CircleScan ‘Scan2Join’ to the membership database and auto-updating Litecard via API and this will automate our new member process as well as any changes including renewals each year.

We highly recommend Circle product and team to any venue looking for a digital membership solution and are happy and available to chat about our experiences.


Julie Grantham

Chairman, South Cronulla Bowling & Recreation Club Ltd